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Please pray for Christian Union's ministry at Dartmouth.

Dear friends,

As we turn the corner from summer into the fall, we have much to look forward to and, therefore, much to petition the Lord for! Please join us in lifting up these requests for Dartmouth.

Hello from Dartmouth,

There’s not too much to report from here. We as staff have been taking turns going on vacation, which has been good for the soul. We are excited to be back together to start brainstorming and dreaming about this next year.

Greetings from Dartmouth,

Yesterday was a beautiful day to watch our seniors (‘18s) walk across the stage and graduate from Dartmouth. The ‘18s were freshmen when I first started with Christian Union (CU), so it has been an especially nostalgic couple of weeks as we all prepared for them to flee the CU nest into the “real world.”

Dear Prayer Partners,

We are three-quarters of the way through April and it is still cold and overcast here in the Upper Valley. We are all longing for spring with eager anticipation, to say the least! We have much to be thankful for, even amidst a very long winter, which has kept our spirits high.

Hello from Dartmouth,

We are happy to report a wonderful end to our winter term. A major highlight for our students (and staff) was a giant CU-wide game of Assassin, graciously renamed “Angel’s Arrows” by our fabulous socials team. The neat thing about the game is that it forced people to seek out those they have not met before or gotten to know yet, so new connections were made every day!

Hello from Dartmouth,

It’s hard to believe we’re already in week 4 of the winter term! It’s been a full one so far. Thank you for your prayers for our Winter Conference. It truly was a blessed weekend of fellowship, growth, and fun!

Praise the Lord for the closing of a wonderful fall term at Dartmouth. We ended the semester with our annual Thanksgiving dinner, which the freshmen (‘21s) did a fantastic job planning and putting on. We enjoyed delicious food and fellowship, but I have to say the highlight of the evening was hearing the testimonies of three ‘21s. They each opened up about a difficulty or sin struggle in their past and how the Lord used it to grow them in their faith. The final testimony included a very clear and powerful gospel presentation, which brought tears to my eyes and thanksgiving to my heart. Join me in praising God for His powerful and intricate work in the students’ lives and for the ways He is using hardship to mature them in the gospel.

We are over halfway through the term and have been enjoying a beautiful, mild fall in Hanover. Bible courses have been going very well and the new freshmen (‘21s) are quickly getting plugged into the community. Many have already joined a ministry team and are weekly showing up to our Friday Leadership Lecture Series (The Vine).

The past few weeks have been packed with events to welcome in the freshmen class of 2021. Our upperclassmen “freshmen gatherers” have done a fantastic job inviting and bringing freshmen (’21s) to our events and encouraging them to get involved in a Bible course. We are pleased with the number of '21s who are looking for Christian community and desire to be in a Bible course. We hit the ground running with Bible courses this week, jumping right into Philippians for our quick 8-week term. 

We are wrapping up another sophomore summer and have enjoyed getting to focus on just the ’19’s class for these past few months.

There are a few highlights from the summer, including a 4th of July picnic, which turned out to be a beautiful day for grilling out and playing volleyball, a welcome break from studying for the students. We also led a weekly book discussion on the book You Are What You Love, The Spiritual Power of Habit, by James K. A. Smith, which turned out to be a wonderful tool to discuss spiritual disciplines and how to train our hearts to love the right things.