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Christian Union

at Yale University


The James W.C. Pennington Center has been significantly strengthening Christian witness and influence at Yale since 2014. Located at 31 Whitney Avenue, the property is one block from Timothy Dwight Hall and two blocks from Cross-campus.

The Pennington Center is a resource for Yale students, faculty and staff to learn about the Christian worldview. The center provides office and meeting space for fellowship, biblical teaching, leadership training, mentorship, and personal and intercessory prayer.

Unlock Yale’s Potential

Currently the ministry rents out the first floor to offset the mortgage costs on the facility. 

With the full use of the Center, Christian Union will not need to use campus facilities for many ministry events and will not be hindered if the university should discriminate, as in 2012 when it stripped the BYX Christian fraternity of official recognition (Christian Union helped students to regain recognition).

Pennington Center
Address: 31 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: 203-909-6263