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Please Pray for Christian Union's ministry at Yale.

Dear Prayer Partners,

We are especially grateful for your prayers during these unprecedented times.  There is a strange comfort and sense of brotherhood found in Scripture as we consider others who remained faithful in their own strange times.  I came across the remarkable account of Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, this week.  When faced with annihilation by a superior army, he let his fear take him straight to God instead of into rash action or fruitless worry.  In humility, he boldly called upon the One who is sovereign, claiming the promises of God, and drawing the whole nation – men, women, and children into fasting and expectant prayer as well.  "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you!" he cried out.    The anguished place of uncertainty was given to the Lord who responded with His Spirit through a prophet, "Do not be afraid or dismayed…for the battle belongs to the Lord".  The king responded with confidence and enjoined the people as they marched out in obedience to "Believe in the Lord God, believe His prophets!"  Instead of fear, or rage, the people march out against the enemy with song and praise on their lips and find that the battle was indeed already fought and won by the invisible, almighty God.  This is the God we serve!  He delights to respond to the earnest prayers, the desperate fasting, and the songs and praises of His people!  Let us draw strength and faith for this unique time in our history to believe God, to seek him whole-heartedly on behalf of the world, our nation, and all the people we can reach in our spheres.

Dear Prayer Partners,

As always, we give thanks to God for your ongoing support. As I write this, we are looking forward to an outreach event this afternoon: a screening of the film Emanuel and conversation with producer Dimas Salaberrios, a long-time friend of Christian Union. While the event will already have taken place by the time you are reading this, please pray that the conversation would continue and that hearts would continue to be stirred and drawn to the Lord by the film's powerful witness to the Spirit of forgiveness.

Dear Prayer Partners,

I deeply appreciate you and all the prayers that you have offered to the Lord on our behalf in 2019!

As you may know, every Christian Union Bible Course on every campus studied Colossians this fall. The theme of Thanksgiving resounds throughout Paul’s letter. As this holiday season can easily be filled with unchecked expectations and the strangest of insecurities, I encourage all of you who know and love God to enter into the Christmas season “already full”. Full of joy with the good news that God has lifted the crushing burden of sin off our shoulders. Full of the abundant life Christ has given us in exchange. Full of many good moments with family, friends, and members of Christ’s body. Fully assured in all the will of God — that he is working out holiness in you and bringing to more maturity in Him.

Dear Prayer Partners,

I hope this update finds you well! Thank you for praying for our requests last month — God has been answering student’s requests on the prayer board, our alumni panel was a big hit, and students have been taking next steps of faith since the fall retreat, particularly in the areas of seeking God.

“… if indeed you continue in the faith, stable and steadfast, not shifting from the hope of the gospel that you heard …” Colossians 1:23

Dear Prayer Partners,

Praise be to Christ Jesus, the only sure foundation upon which we stand here at Yale! This semester, we're seeing in Colossians how the only way to continue in the Christian life is the same way that we began in the Christian life—by grace, through faith!

Good afternoon prayer partners,

We are nearing the end of our 4-week freshmen outreach, and we have welcomed with great joy a new crop of young men and women who want to know, love and pursue God here.

This last month has been a season of testing and trial; a mixture of pangs of discouragement combined with moments of joy and delight. Looking back, we are thankful for each of the new students God has brought into the ministry and for each gospel exposure, touch of kindness, and warm welcome we’ve been able to extend to the class of 2023. It’s not lost on me that our strength for this task came daily through the ministry of prayer.

As the pressure of the semester begins to increase, I ask that you’d pray for protection over our community from any of Satan’s classic schemes of gossip, disunity, or grumbling. Rather, pray that we would “Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassion hearts, kindness, humility, meekness and patience” - Colossians 3:12

I also ask that you pray for God to move and be glorified in our midst during our Fall Retreat at the Incarnation Center, 11-13 October. There’s an appropriately-high expectation amongst our students that God is on the move and desiring to give us more of himself.

Thank you for your prayers. May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you all!



Clay Cromer
Ministry Director
Christian Union Lux

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