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Please Pray for Christian Union's ministry at Yale.

Dear Prayer Partners,

Happy new year! Since you last heard from us, we’ve had time away from work with family to celebrate the Lord’s incarnation (what’s better than a Sunday Christmas?!) and spent time with all Christian Union faculty at our winter staff conference, pressing into the Lord in prayer for our campuses and nation. We are so grateful to minister at Yale with Christian Union and thank you for your partnership in this ministry!

Dear Prayer Partners,

Happy Christmas!! It is amazing to think that another year, by God’s grace, has come and gone. As we bid farewell to our students, our ministry staff here at Yale have also undergone significant transition: this month we bid Chris Matthews, our founding ministry director, and his family farewell after 6.5 years at Yale.

Dear Prayer Partners!

Thank you for your prayers and support of Christian Union at Yale. Shortly after I sent the last prayer email, one of you encouraged me to keep on spiritually “mothering,” and later that day a student confessed some sin to me, asked for my advice and help to get out of the situation and then said to me, “Thank you for being my mom that I can tell things to” (as opposed to her mom that she can’t tell things to).

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support! The semester is officially at its midway point, and that means many tests, papers, problem sets (“p sets”)…and lots and lots of stress.

Dear Prayer Partner,

Thank you for your prayers! The first month of school is certainly the most taxing for us as staff and it is an incredible blessing and encouragement to know that a great cloud of witnesses (you!) stand behind our efforts in the most important work of all (prayer). We could not do what we do without you!

Dear Prayer Partners,

The fall air is noticeably "in the air" as mornings are cooler and the streets of New Haven are alive again. Christian Union's ministry here at Yale has kicked off the new semester with a pre-retreat of students leaders. We got away for three days together to hear from one another about all that God had done in each student's life this summer, as well as what we hope He will do at Yale this fall. There was great enthusiasm and energy for prayer and outreach--both critical aspects of a thriving ministry this year.