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Dear Prayer Partners,

I deeply appreciate you and all the prayers that you have offered to the Lord on our behalf in 2019!

As you may know, every Christian Union Bible Course on every campus studied Colossians this fall. The theme of Thanksgiving resounds throughout Paul’s letter. As this holiday season can easily be filled with unchecked expectations and the strangest of insecurities, I encourage all of you who know and love God to enter into the Christmas season “already full”. Full of joy with the good news that God has lifted the crushing burden of sin off our shoulders. Full of the abundant life Christ has given us in exchange. Full of many good moments with family, friends, and members of Christ’s body. Fully assured in all the will of God — that he is working out holiness in you and bringing to more maturity in Him.

Here’s how you can pray for our ministry right now:

1) As our students are wrapping up finals and heading home for break in the next few days, please pray for God’s peace, protection, and purity to guard them over Christmas break.

2) Please also pray for our upcoming winter retreat Jan 17-19. The staff needs God’s help as we prepare messages, and may God be drawing students, and may the Holy Spirit be out in front of us preparing people’s hearts to be responsive and ready for His activity that weekend.

God’s blessings over you this Christmas as you celebrate the Son!


Clay Cromer
Ministry Director
Christian Union Lux

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Yale, please email prayer@christianunion.org.
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