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Dear Cornerstone Partners and friends of CU Lux,

It has been a busy semester for Christian Union Lux at Yale! God is so good!

I'd like to share some testimonies from our students about how the semester is wrapping up. Here’s feedback from one of Christian Union's senior ladies about our recent ‘prefrosh welcoming campaign’ during Bulldog Days: "Bulldog Days was such a reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness to His children in such a special time at college. As a senior, I was already inspired by the current freshmen who came together to put on Bulldog Days for the pre-frosh. It was a beautiful reminder of the laborers God has brought to continue serving in CU. It’s a special joy to me as my peers and I graduate."

During Bulldog Days, Yale's annual event for admitted students to explore all that Yale has to offer, a prefrosh arrived on campus at a school that wasn’t in his original plan, and the first people to welcome him were two current frosh men in Christian Union. They noticed his cross necklace and invited him to a CU worship night; after a time of community prayer, he expressed having felt the presence of God, confirming this is precisely where God had planned for him to be all along! Praise Jesus.

Another prefrosh, who had spontaneously joined the worship team to lead a song that night, shared a heartfelt prayer request with one of our ministry fellows: he wanted general prayer for his time at Yale, but he also wanted prayer for his single mom and four younger siblings who had recently moved to a new town. As he was the eldest son, he asked for prayers of provision over his mother and his siblings so that they would have everything they needed and more in his absence. He reminded himself that it was the Lord who had brought them this far and the Lord who would continue to sustain his family. This prefrosh also had been asking the Lord for a sign that he had chosen the right school, and in our ministry center that night, he proclaimed that Christian Union Lux had been the answer to his prayer!

In one of our Bible courses, a junior recently shared that, as a result of the Bible course discussions we’ve been having, she has become more keenly aware of sharing and living out the gospel intentionally in her life. Her roommate, as a result, has been impacted and asked to go to church with her this semester. Praise God that when we live intentionally for the Lord, we naturally affect the lives of others!

At our final LLS to close out this semester, over 50 students were in attendance! We close out the semester with a traditional ‘Stones of Remembrance Night’ where students share their testimonies. Both segments of worship and student sharing were powerful! God is at work in these students' lives! Students shared testimonies of having wonderful breakthroughs and healing from physical ailments, fear, sexual addictions, anxiety, suicide ideation, and unbelief. The testimonies shared this night included how Christian Union has empowered students to hear God speak, to be built up and strengthened in community, to be enabled to walk in peace, and to learn to trust God in the midst of the demands of school and work. Students left, not just being filled with physical food, but filled with the living presence of the Lord! There was much joy!

Lastly, we recently held a joyous senior banquet with around 55 students in attendance. The leaders of our Socials Team, along with many other students, worked intensely around the clock to execute the event successfully! This included helping to cook a delicious meal, decorate, make personalized gifts, and manage a host of other details (during Reading Week) to make it a memorable night for all. Many of our students made a costly sacrifice- their time! This event was a true labor of love–a unifying effort to serve their peers and to honor God!

CU Lux 800pxChristian Union Lux senior banquet

Thank you for developing and connecting Christian leaders to transform lives and culture at Yale for God's glory. We couldn't do it without you and your support!

Blessings in Christ,

Jeffrey Walsh
Ministry Director, Christian Union Lux
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