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Dear Prayer Partners,

Happy new year! Since you last heard from us, we’ve had time away from work with family to celebrate the Lord’s incarnation (what’s better than a Sunday Christmas?!) and spent time with all Christian Union faculty at our winter staff conference, pressing into the Lord in prayer for our campuses and nation. We are so grateful to minister at Yale with Christian Union and thank you for your partnership in this ministry!

The students have been back a couple of weeks now and we are off and running. Our Bible courses have started meeting, our new director has stepped into his role, we have had our first Rooted meeting (our leadership lecture series) and we are just about to leave for retreat (we have over 50 students signed up, which is our biggest retreat in recent years!). Praise God for the ways he is revealing himself to us and our students! We feel an energy and enthusiasm as a staff and students that is refreshing and invigorating and are eagerly waiting to see what He will do next!

Please pray that our retreat would “bring times of refreshing that come from the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:20). Pray that, like in Acts, this refreshment would come from the proclamation of the gospel and prayer, through the power of his Holy Spirit. More than ever, we are seeking the Lord’s face for a new work at Yale—a work of his grace—to bring many who do not yet know him to saving faith and those who do know him to deeper intimacy with and faithfulness to him.

The spring semester in particular, is a time of great intentions and great distraction. Jason, our student president, mentioned the other day that his experience of the previous three spring semesters has been that he has started very strong spiritually, but become easily overburdened by so much busyness that it is easy to lose sight of what is important. Pray that our retreat would be a time of real and lasting spiritual renewal and that students’ semesters would be directed toward his purposes in a greater way as a result.

Thank you for your partnership,

Jane Hendrickson
Christian Union Ministry Fellow
Yale University

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