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Christian Union
Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your prayers! Our first year welcoming campaign is winding down and we have been so encouraged by the depth of faith of some students as well as the openness to the gospel of others. We continue to gather students to our first year Bible courses and ask for continued prayers for:

  • more students to join the men and women's groups
  • wisdom in helping non-Christians and new believers connect with faith and biblical community
  • an exploring Christianity group that we're starting
  • mentoring relationships between upperclassmen and first years
  • deep Christian friendships to form among our first years

As our upperclassmen return to campus, we also pray that they would reconnect with God and each other.

  • Pray for seniors that they would set their sights on his purpose for their lives.
  • For sophomores and juniors, pray that they would continue to press into the Lord as they navigate the challenges of life at Yale.
  • Pray for our ministry staff, that we would have wisdom and insight as we mentor these precious people that God has entrusted to us.

Thank you for your prayers!

Jane Hendrickson
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Yale

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Yale, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..