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Thank you for your continued prayers for us at Yale.  The prayers of a righteous person work powerfully (James 5:16), and we are grateful to be carried by your prayers on a regular basis!

Our Spring Bible Courses are in full swing.  The first-year students are studying the “Seeking God Lifestyle”, sophomores and juniors are studying Romans, and the seniors are studying “Vocational Preparation”.  Our goal is still to have another 10 students join us across the board.  Please pray for students to bring other students and to remain steadfast in their commitment to the Lord and one another to come even as the pressures of the semester pile on.

Our Christian Union NEXUS conference is THIS WEEKEND!  We’ll be leaving Friday afternoon (some at 3 PM, and some at 5 PM) for New Brunswick, NJ.  Pray that God’s Spirit would anoint even our travel time — safe & timely travels around NYC and for community building to begin during the ride down.  This is the first off-campus retreat experience we’ve had since August, and our students are hungry for it.  Praise God, we’re taking about 35 students to the conference this year.  The theme of the conference is “Turn the World Upside Down”.  All Christian Union employees fasted last Thursday and Friday especially for NEXUS, and we’d invite you to echo this prayer requests before the Lord: prayers for plenary speakers (engaging presentation & clear presentation of the gospel), small group times (honesty & encouragement), breakout sessions (pertinent content & clear application), praise and worship (spirit-filled & Christ-centered).  Overall, please pray for a prevailing sense of unity over this gathering of several hundred students.  May there be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will fill people to serve Christ with newfound commitment, devotion, and strength as a result of this conference.

I’d like to close also by thanking God for what really seems to be a season of grace for us in ministry at Yale.  The Yale College Dean spoke to religious ministry leaders the other week and expressed sincere gratitude for the “answers that are in this room” as being altogether different from even the kinds of answers that students are able to glean even from Yale’s most-attended class in history, “Psych and the Good Life”.  I see God’s grace over our campus in many ways in this particular season.  May the Good Shepherd Jesus Christ be lifted high, and may many hear his voice above all.  Thanks for praying.


Clay Cromer
Ministry Director
Christian Union at Yale

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