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Christian Union
Dear Prayer Partners,

The spring semester at Yale always seems to fly by, and here we find ourselves again entering the final week of classes. As our Bible courses wrap up, yet even before we send off our graduating seniors, pray for their transition to the next stage of their lives as we rejoice at what God is doing in our midst now.

First off, we thank God for raising up bright new student leaders to carry our ministry forward this next year and beyond. We prayed last spring that God would send us leaders in the incoming class, and He has delivered in a big way. With a current sophomore and two first-years leading our new executive team, and several first-year students stepping into other key leadership positions, we are a young ministry moving forward. We are excited to see what God will do through these young men and women who have already demonstrated not only bold faith, creativity and an eagerness to serve, but also teachability and a real hunger to know God and make Him known together. Please pray for these student leaders, up and running in their new positions as of a few weeks ago, that God will continue to guide, embolden and strengthen them—that they will continue to draw near to God, and He to them.

Please pray again that God will send us many students in the new incoming class eager to seek God, love others and lead as they are led by Christ. Newly admitted students are on campus now for “Bulldog Days”, and we pray for the opportunity to connect with many and get the wheels turning even before they begin their Yale careers this fall.

Rejoice with us that three of our students are to be baptized this next Sunday, April 29! Rejoice also for another freshman who has been exploring with us this year and now has come to confess faith in Jesus as his risen Lord and Savior. Pray that God continue to grow each of these students in their faith and pour out His Spirit liberally upon them.

Pray also for several students who have not yet come to saving faith but are being drawn in by the invitation of their friends and building relationships with us, that they will hear Jesus knocking at the door of their hearts and open to him, that he might come in and have fellowship with them.

Finally, do pray for a good finish to the school year: that students would enjoy rich fellowship with each other before summer departures; that we would be able to do all that needs to be done for our graduates to transition well and remain firmly rooted in Christ; and that we would carry strong momentum forward through the summer and into the fall.

For all your prayers, thank you. And to the God who hears and answers our prayers, forever united with His Son, our Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, be all praise and gratitude, today and always.

Michael Racine
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Yale

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