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Dear Cornerstone Partners and friends of CU Lux,

Greetings from CU Lux at Yale! I pray this finds you well.

We are excited to share some great news this summer as we look ahead: preparation for Freshman Welcoming Campaign, and we are growing our team.

As we prepare for the start of another academic year, we are already reaching out to incoming freshmen and preparing for their arrival on campus. One significant effort of our outreach to incoming freshmen is connecting with them on Instagram and building that relationship with them before they step foot on campus. We currently have more in our community this year, at this time, than we did last year heading into the freshman campaign. This effort allows us to engage with freshmen wondering what type of Christian community is on campus and welcome them with open arms.

Once we reach out to incoming freshmen on Instagram, Facebook, and Email, we will invite them to the many events we will host during the Freshman Welcoming Campaign, enabling them to build lifelong friendships in a vibrant Christian community at Yale. We will begin reaching out to freshmen on campus with numerous activities. This is an excellent time to meet new students on campus as they are looking for social groups to connect with, and we find them early during their time on campus. These are some of the most critical weeks of the school year, as we can meet hundreds of new students on campus and invite them into a community of strong Christian leaders.

I am also excited to announce that we will have a larger team to help with these efforts! We are currently interviewing for a Ministry Center Manager / Administrative Assistant who will increase our productivity on campus in reaching more students for Christ. In addition, we have brought on a new intern, Luke Bell. Luke and the new Admin assistant will be great additions to the team, enabling us to broaden our impact and reach of students at Yale.

Luke Bell, Yale class of ‘23, has been involved with CU Lux since his freshman year while serving in the worship department and this past year as the CU Lux President. Luke will be serving in three main areas:

  1. Develop other transformative leaders from among the Yale student body within CU Lux for the purpose of revival and reformation.
  2. Aid in the discipleship, mentoring, and coaching of CU Lux students in the following areas: Bible Courses, worship department, and one on one meetings.
  3. Extensively recruit Yale students into CU Lux through Freshman Welcoming Campaign (FWC), evangelistic efforts, and other CU Lux initiatives.

At this Summer's Spiritus Retreat, CU Lux had the most significant presence of all the schools. Because of your prayer and support, CU Lux is leading the way in prayer hours and leadership surrounding Daniel Spirituality.

God is significantly using your prayers to grow the ministry impact at CU Lux. Would you pray that these students and leaders continue deepening their faith? It would be a blessing to the ministry if you would consider a gift to support what God is doing at CU Lux. Thank you for developing and connecting Christian leaders at Yale and CU Lux would be grateful if you are led to donate this secure link!


Jeffrey Walsh
Ministry Director
Christian Union Lux

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Yale, please email prayer@christianunion.org.