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Grow Deeper in Your Faith

Many in New York wish they were stronger in their walks with God and want to be empowered to step out in faith to make a difference in their world. Christian Union New York exists to help. The ministry serves professionals in the city, Christian Union alumni, Christian Union Cornerstone Partners, and their peers.


The foundation for ministry is one's personal relationship with God, a relationship that requires an investment of time and constant cultivation. Christian Union has found that short, focused times of drawing near to God have an incredibly positive impact, providing Christian strength and renewed vision. As a result, it has developed a series of simulcast events designed to provide this sort of opportunity for believers (and their friends) nationwide. 

Introducing Christian Union Fire Retreats

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Above: A small group that met in Manhattan as part of a recent national CU Fire Retreat.

A Christian Union Fire Retreat is a unique one-and-a-half-day simulcast gathering for the rejuvenation and inspiration of Christians. Typically, these retreats are offered several times per year.

Rather than convening in one large group in one location, CU Fire Retreats allow believers to invite friends over to enjoy the simulcast content — and small group interactions — in the comfort of their own homes or churches. During a CU Fire Retreat, these small groups will enjoy access to great teaching that will spur them to seek God, dig into (and discuss) God's word in an in-depth way, worship, and pray together for the duration of the 1.5 days.


A CU Fire Retreat is an investment in learning what God is like; spiritual rejuvenation, and receiving a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit. Attendees experience an incredible spiritual strengthening to stand faithfully in Him and be used by Him to see their families, communities, and nation impacted for Christ. Relationships among attendees are profoundly deepened as they seek the Lord together for His purposes in their lives.  

What Participants Are Saying

“I’ve been enriched beyond words. I am now looking to God to do the extraordinary in the lives of those around me through earnest prayer. The weekend raised my spiritual temperature and sharpened my senses. I am ready for battle.” - Olga S.

“The event was enormously impactful. I was deeply convicted of my sin and the need to live wholeheartedly for God.” - Reid W.

“ I was very inspired by the prophetic words and the prayers I have received during the event. I believe they have a life changing impact on me.” - Maria W.

“All I want to do is tell all of my Christian friends about this weekend so that they can go deeper as well.” - Julia S.


  • CU Fire Retreats are held in a home, church, or other comfortable location. Participants sleep in their own homes and travel to the location each morning.  
  • The group fasts together for increased closeness to God and spiritual power. The discipline of fasting has aided Christians in their walks with God since the beginning of the church.  As a matter of fact, the common practice of Christians for the first five hundred years of the church was to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays. If a particular CU Fire Retreat involves a meal, the small group will share the meal together. 
  • Because the group size is limited, the ministry asks that each participant commit to being present for the entire retreat from Friday evening through Saturday evening. 
  • There’s a minimal registration fee. Other expenses are paid by Christian Union and the host. 

Learn More!

To learn more or to get involved, please visit CUFire.org or contact Grace Ann Arvey at Graceann.Arvey@christianunion.org