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Listed below are opportunities to connect with our ministry in New York City. 

Instagram: @cucities
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cunewyork/
Twitter: @CUNewYork
CU New York Email List: Click here to sign up
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CU Fire Retreats: Click here to learn more
Community Groups: Click here to get involved
Mentor Program:
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If you have any questions about CU New York, please reach out to us at cunewyork@christianunion.org

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
On social media, we will post clips from our speakers, pictures from our events, and announce upcoming events.

Email List and Enewsletter
Through our email list, we send event information, prayer requests, and share information for you to connect with our ministry in New York City.

Community Groups
In New York, we are pursuing leadership impact together. Community groups are small groups of Christian men or women pursuing leadership impact in three specific ways: 

  1. Community: Building a network of abiding friendships with other leaders in NYC;
  2. Spiritual Cultivation: Developing an intellectually-satisfying and wholehearted pursuit of the God who made them through studying the Bible;
  3. Engagement: Actively engaging and changing the culture around them.

These groups meet weekly with an active Bible study component and periodic projects designed by the group. Projects range from reimagining a particular vocation in light of the gospel to involvement in a critical social issue in the city. The intellectually curious and those longing to assimilate their faith in the culture we inhabit will find these groups stimulating and life-changing.

Mentor Program
Close Christian friendship is vital to spiritual maturity, and a mentoring relationship is an incredibly important tool for developing Christian leaders. Christian Union can help you connect.

  • Those desiring to be part of the program should submit an application stating their desire to participate in the Mentoring Program along with some (limited) personal background information. This process will allow us to screen mentors and mentees as well as to gain a sufficient amount of information so as to make the best match possible with waiting mentees.
  • Both mentor and mentee will commit to this program for six months.
  • The mentor will meet with the mentee twice per month for those six months in order to introduce the mentee to life in the city and to cover twelve suggested topics of both professional and spiritual content.

We look forward to meeting you!