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Greetings from New York!

I’m not sure if you view this month in quite the same way as I do — a somewhat comical juxtaposition of the silliness/romantic celebration of Valentine's Day and the sobering start of the Lenten season when we consider the path of Christ as He approaches His crucifixion and resurrection.  Certainly any serious celebration of the former would be rather empty without the tangible demonstration of the love of Christ shown for us in the latter.

 In the pursuit of making all things new, Christian Union seeks the development of Christian leaders in all spheres who have a commitment to engage and transform culture.  This happens in vocations, neighborhoods, painful social issues, and in our own lives.  Christian Union events and initiatives pursue this objective, most recently through the Gospel of the Kingdom conference here in the city.

This conference spanned four consecutive evenings to explore how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes our mindset, ethics, lifestyle and authority, with a special emphasis on the power that flows for today's Christian as a fruit of the Gospel.  This conference was a practical working out of a few supernatural aspects of our faith — issues like deliverance, inner healing, physical healing, and cultivating spiritual power.  Interesting topics for a Manhattan crowd.  It was a powerful time of teaching and seeing that the supernatural Christ of New Testament pages continues to work in similar ways in and through us today.  A follow-up conference will be held May 23-26.

Please keep in mind the Nexus: Professionals conference April 1-3 in New Haven, CT.  This is for any professional, young or old, seeking to better understand how to live well as a Christian in a post-secular world.  Why and how do we engage vocationally, socially, intellectually – and especially redemptively with the truth of the Gospel?  Join us for two days of intense worship, learning and prayer.  Visit the Nexus: Professionals website or follow us on Facebook to learn more and register.


May this month be one of both serious and joyful reflection on this season of the cross.  It changed the world beyond measure and brought life where there was death.  As vessels and Ambassadors of Christ we continue that in all we touch.


Scott Crosby
Ministry Director
Christian Union New York

For more information on Christian Union New York Bible Courses and activities, or resources available to you please contact Scott Crosby.

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