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Greetings from New York!

During the past century it has been an interesting development where the celebration of Christmas has taken on greater social and cultural significance.  Historically the church has elevated Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, as the more defining event to mark.  The death of Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of humanity, and His subsequent resurrection overcoming death and the power of Satan are defining factors in the uniqueness of the Christian faith.  It resolves the overwhelming problem of the human condition and it points to a future where all is made whole.  I hope this has been a remarkable season of hope and renewal for you.

Our most recent NYCU Salon was on the topic of music and how we are made.  Dr. Seth Ward of Central Presbyterian Church (Manhattan) spoke on, “The Mark of the Maker: The Musical Soul”.  His thesis argues that there are three defining characteristics of the human spirit that stand out in stark contrast to all other creation: our knowledge of self (homo sapien), innate spirituality (homo spiritualis) and our artistic or musical nature (homo musicalis).  It is this third characteristic, our musical self, that unites our human nature with our divine nature most succinctly.

Finally, please join us April 1-3 in New Haven for the 2016 Nexus: Professionals conference.  This is for anyone seeking to better understand how to live well as a Christian in a post-secular world.  Why and how do we engage vocationally, socially, intellectually –and especially redemptively with the truth of the Gospel?  Join us for two days of intense worship, learning and prayer.  Visit the Nexus: Professionals website or follow us on Facebook to learn more and register.  The plenary speakers and seminars are not to be missed!

May this be a blessed time for you,

Scott Crosby
Ministry Director
Christian Union New York

For more information on New York City Christian Union Bible Courses and activities, or resources available to you please contact Scott Crosby.

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