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Merry Christmas! Since childhood, this has been a season I’ve looked forward to – the gatherings, anticipation, cookies, and yes, hopefully presents under the tree. Advent is actually that period of anticipation for the main event, the celebration of the birth of Christ. In recent years, I’ve begun to wonder why a sense and discipline of anticipation is important – for celebrations like Christmas, Easter, marriage, the birth of a child. For children it makes sense - children are, by their very nature, impatient and full of hopes – which is expressed in anticipation.

As adults, these hopes become longing – the abiding rooted desire for what ought to be. Our longings can still be childish, but increasingly they move toward those things that are core to us – manifestations of love, joy, justice, contentment, making a difference – essentially, flourishing. These are the longings that pull me into anticipation every year as I reflect on how the birth of Christ changed everything – God on earth restoring and making all things possible.

This past month and, more broadly, all of 2018 have included both the anticipation of things to come, and celebration of those things that have taken place. Just to name a few:

  • Recent salons in both New York and Washington DC on creating spiritual habits in our work and personal lives, and on the changing role of the household in a post-industrial culture.
  • People hearing the gospel in myriad ways in the community, the workplace, online, and within families.
  • New churches being planted throughout the metro New York region.
  • The launch of CU Washington, DC this past summer.
  • The CU Cities Conference in June that surpassed all expectations and goals.
  • …and so much more.

While the world and cities we inhabit are still badly broken, please join me in being thankful for all the ways in which we have seen God at work healing, building, re-making, and empowering each of us in the life of following him and the tasks to which we have been called.

Thank you for the prayers, encouragement, financial support, and participation you have provided over the year. May God’s richest blessings be yours during this season of advent and Christmas, and in the new year to come. I am anticipating so much as we head into 2019.


Scott Crosby
Ministry Director
Christian Union New York
Christian Union DC

For more information on New York City Christian Union Bible Courses and activities, or resources available to you please contact Scott Crosby.

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