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2019 brings a new year and a list of new resolutions. For CU New York it isn’t so much resolutions as our plans and initiatives for the year. We will, of course, continue our salons and forums that explore various aspects and implications of our faith in our vocations and the broader city. Additionally, there are other activities coming that will serve to build the kind of redemptive engagement we seek.

Earlier this month, CU New York held a salon on The New Frontier of Mission. Mark Reynolds from Redeemer City to City spoke about the current context for church planting in global cities. You can find more information on this event here.

Information on future events will be coming shortly - topics on business, fasting, and bioethics are just a few in the line-up for this spring. There will also be the annual Cities Conference held June 21-22 in New York. Check out our monthly newsletter (see info below) for news releases on conference speakers, registration options, and other conference details.

As you should have already become aware, we have initiated a monthly newsletter that lists upcoming events, curated articles, and updates on emerging initiatives. In the interest of sending fewer emails, these newsletters will serve as our event invites - so please check out the calendar of events and RSVP to those you wish to attend. We will no longer send specific email invitations for events.

I am privileged each week to lead a Saturday morning Bible study with a group of young professionals. You can imagine there are other things many people might rather be doing at 10AM on a weekend, but they show up to study 1 John together. And together is really the operative word. As much as I’d like to think they come for my stellar teaching - the reality is they come because they desire community, specifically learning and growing in community.

I’m also encouraged in how they are active in their faith - though they work long hours each week, almost all of them volunteer somewhere in the city. They help the homeless, tutor kids, and make the arts accessible. They also draw their co-workers into conversations about faith even as they grapple with their vocation and work at being redemptive in it. Each week I’m motivated by their choices to live with faith and courage where they are. These are the kind of people I envision who will transform culture - thoughtful Christians that pursue the flourishing of themselves and the city.

As this year unfolds, I hope to see and interact with you much more in this endeavor of transforming the city in and through Christ.


Scott Crosby
Ministry Director
Christian Union New York
Christian Union DC

For more information on New York City Christian Union Bible Courses and activities, or resources available to you please contact Scott Crosby.

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates, via email, on how to pray for City Christian Union, please email prayer@christianunion.org.

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