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One of my perennial resolutions in every new year is to read more deeply and profoundly about both faith and the world around me. However, given my suggestion in an earlier letter, I am moving from resolutions to building habits - they tend to be much more permanent.

Os Guinness’ latest book, Carpe Diem Redeemed: Seizing the Day, Discerning the Times, is a remarkable look at how we understand time, specifically through God’s perspective - who stands outside of time and space. As opposed to the eastern cyclical understanding of time, or secular humanism’s “only the now matters” God has imbued history, the present and the future with meaning, hope and purpose. Os’ book has made my habit-building endeavor remarkably easy with this first read of 2020. But what will I read next??

Dr. Guinness was also the featured speaker for our January CU New York forum on the above topic. It was an evening of ideas and their consequences - both intellectual and practical. You can watch the video of the lecture from our website here.

From January 20-30 Christian Union has been hosting a fast, Undefiled - a 10 day fast inspired by Daniel’s life. The ten daily devotions draw from the example of Daniel of the Old Testament, a man of God who refused to conform to the culture in which he lived. Perhaps more to the point he played a key role is reshaping that culture toward God. These ten days have been a time to humble ourselves and seek the Lord - for ourselves and our city.

Without a doubt one of the highlights of every week is the Wednesday morning Bible study I have with a number of young men in the finance and consulting professions. We have just begun a study of the role of “community” in our life of faith. In living a coherent faith that is public (as opposed to “privatized”) the practice and implications of community are often lost in a culture skewed toward the individual. These early mornings are rich because of the deep dives into scripture, and also because these men are not content with the status quo, either of their own spiritual maturity nor of the world around them. Conversing, learning and praying with them on how we redemptively engage the world is a big deal for me.

Thank you for your prayers and participation as we strive to be transformative through Christ in this city.


Scott Crosby
Ministry Director
Christian Union New York
Christian Union DC

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