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New York, as is true of much of the country, remains in lockdown for the 200th week - or so it feels. Days seem to run together and Zoom calls have long since lost their allure. Yet I find myself feeling a little fresher each morning as I spend some less hurried time in the Word reading familiar passages again and finding new nuggets all over. Whether I find myself in Ezekiel, or the Psalms, or the Epistles I am reminded that a) God and his promises are unchanging even though our world is, b) our calling to live faithfully, righteously and courageously remains the same regardless of my circumstances, and c) the world will be different because of his Spirit (mostly) and our efforts for his kingdom. All of these reminders renew my hope each day.

Earlier this month we were fortunate to host our inaugural webinar, which was simply a necessary pivot from our typical in-person forums. Dr. Lydia Dugdale spoke on The Lost Art of Dying Well: A Perspective of Hope in an Anxious Season. It was a fantastic talk and perspective on the idea that dying and living are inextricably linked - and that dying well really requires that one has lived well. Given that all of us are in the latter camp (at the moment, at least), it’s a wonderful opportunity to take stock of how we are or are not living lives of patience, hope, humility, assurance, and generosity that makes death so much less fearsome. You can read more about the event here.

On a somewhat brighter note May and June are the busy months at CU New York. For many graduating college seniors this has been a strange, and in many cases sad, semester - but they are nevertheless going to be launching into a new life stage in less than a month. While always exciting, it’s a transition full of disappointment for those who don’t quickly rebuild their spiritual community where they land, and/or don’t learn how to integrate their faith in substantive ways with work, neighborhood, and broader relationships. Helping with this is a big part of what we do in New York - so that they live lives that are individually and societally transformative.

Please join us in praying for these graduating seniors as they transition amid the coronavirus pandemic, an uncertain economy, and the above-mentioned factors of robust faith and spiritual community. God’s promises and character do not change, even if our circumstances do, and our prayer for these men and women is for them to step fully into that truth in the coming months.


Scott Crosby
Ministry Director
Christian Union New York
Christian Union DC

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