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Dear Christian Union New York Cornerstone Partners and other friends of the ministry,

As the city begins to slowly reopen and vacillates between opening further and closing yet again to non-essential business, the people of God are remaining strong and full of faith. Several of our Cornerstone Partners and dear friends of the ministry have gathered together in Times Square to worship the Lord in public, to preach and hear preaching of the Word, to pray and evangelize, and even to feed the poor. Praise be to God that in the toughest of times, Christians from many churches and ministries are gathering to call down the Kingdom of Heaven. Christians are unifying for the Lord’s work, and this past Sunday Three New Yorkers surrendered their lives to Jesus in Times Square. Our heart at Christian Union is to develop and connect transformative Christian leaders, and we are overjoyed to see empowered Christians impacting the city!

As Christian Union and many other organizations and businesses were hit hard by COVID’S financial impact, we are going through significant organizational transition. Very sadly, many of you may have heard by now that due to financial strain, Christian Union had to lay off thirty ministers across the nation in August. In addition to losing their incredible skills and talents, this also means that thirty families lost their livelihoods. Please join us in praying for these significant needs:

  • In spite of being short staffed in CU NY, please pray that we will, by the power of the Holy Spirit, go full steam ahead into advancing the Kingdom of Jesus in New York. He is worthy of everything we have!
  • Consider asking the Lord if your talents and passions could be used in a volunteer role in the upcoming year. We may come to you with a request! Or please, come to me with your ideas and promptings.
  • We are in the midst of conversations with several city and national Christian leaders of whom we are asking to be our honored guest speakers at upcoming virtual forums! Pray God’s timely messages get both a voice and a wide hearing as He surely wants to shout truth, love, and perspective for His beloved Church into this difficult season.
  • Please pray that our friends and co-laborers who are no longer with us will quickly find new places of God’s strategic design to advance the gospel. May they pour out their lives as drink offerings before the Lord in another God- ordained venue. Please also pray for their families and that God will supply all of their needs and ours.

Thank you for your partnership with us in ministry. God is always on the move and is doing a new thing!

Karen Hetzler
Assistant Director
Christian Union New York

If you would like to help CU New York expand its ministry, please become a Cornerstone Partner.
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