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Christian Union
Dear Christian Union New York Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

Happy New Year! I want to begin by expressing our deep gratitude to the many of you who have participated in our ministry, attended our events, and have faithfully partnered with us financially to develop transformative Christian leaders. We serve a sovereign and yet merciful God who wants to break into our brokenness, and those of us who minister with Christian Union are blown away by the privilege of serving Jesus and His beloved people in this capacity.

Christian Union New York, ministering to Christian professionals in the NY area, teamed up with the alumni department and hosted a terrific salon on the intersection of faith and law, with special guest Speaker, General Counsel of the NYC OATH Office, Olga Statz. In her talk, “Bringing Hellfire to Heel: A Lawyer’s Guide to Mastering the Tongue and Speaking the Truth,” we were challenged and inspired by her deep wisdom and integrity as she follows the lead and the voice of the Holy Spirit in her role of holding judges and lawyers accountable to the law. She is immovably firm on process and its integral role, at the same time recognizing that her power and effectiveness come from God and she possesses a power through Him, as do we, that many of her colleagues don’t have apart from a relationship with the Righteous Judge. I even understand that, unsurprisingly, some other speaking engagements for Olga emerged out of this Christian Union salon. Praise God that she is a shining example of our mission to develop and connect Christian leaders to transform culture.

We were finally able to resume our first in-person CU Fire prayer and fasting retreat since the shutdown! We kept the numbers below ten to follow protocol and honor everyone’s safety and health. Matt Bennett taught on seeking God as He requires, as well as on revival history; both Biblical and historical. What does God require in order to move upon His people and pour out His Spirit? God’s word and His testimony through faithfulness to His word are clear. Revival is always preceded by humility and repentance, obedience, concerted prayer and fasting, and seeking the Lord with our whole hearts.

Lastly, this past Monday we are began our Nationwide 21 Day Fast, themed “Seek God for peace and purpose in 2021.” We are humbling ourselves before the Lord and beseeching His Spirit to be poured out upon His people, then spill over into every corner of our society. We are a broken, discouraged, and divided Church and nation and we are desperate for God to move within us and among us. Statistically speaking, the Church in America is in a freefall. Please join the fast to any degree, with many other Christians across the nation, as we cry out to God together for a supernatural breakthrough. We have even gotten word that several churches are committing to the fast together, as is a church of 3,000 members, all committing to seek the Lord together in this 21 day fast! Amazing. God is not a man that He should lie and He will draw near to those who draw near to Him! (James 4:8)

Please pray that God powerfully overwhelms and meets His people as we humble ourselves before Him at the start of this new year. There is no political solution to the true root of our sin problems. May God have mercy on us and on our America as we seek Him with all of our hearts together!

Thank you for your partnership with us in ministry. Jesus is worthy of everything that we have and are. We love and cherish you and your faithful partnership with Christian Union NYC to bring the desires of the Lord’s heart to bear.

Karen Hetzler
Assistant Ministry Director
Christian Union New York

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