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Dear Christian Union New York Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

We are so grateful that many of you attended our virtual Gospel of the Kingdom conference with Ken Fish this past weekend. Ken, a Princeton University alumni who transitioned from Wall Street to full-time ministry, packs a powerful punch with both his robust teaching of God’s word and his bold demonstration of the supernatural power of Jesus still operating amongst us today. In a conference titled “Signs and Wonders Beyond the Gospels,” Ken addressed the following topics:

The Eternal Covenant of Signs and Wonders
The Letters of the New Testament
Early Church Witnesses
Can Christians Be Demonized?

If these topics and the exploration of the ready power of Jesus among us to still heal and deliver intrigues you, and you missed the conference, Christian Union hosts Ken Fish every few months! These CU Gospel of the Kingdom conferences have been life-changing for many New Yorkers and a moment to which we look back and say, “this is the moment I was changed,” or, “wow, I really didn’t know or believe God still operates this way.” Keep an eye out for an invitation or please reply to me and let me know of your interest.

Right now we are in the midst of fasting prayer for a CU Fire retreat coming up soon. Several staff and some of you have committed to a total of 50 hours of fasting prayer to cover our 10 retreat attendees in prayer by name. Thank you! We cannot do this work apart from you and your prayers. Please pray that the Spirit of God resides with us the whole weekend. We have no interest in going through the motions; we desperately need God to meet us, which is why we appeal to you to invest some time with us on your knees, that your city can be changed through these leaders’ being changed. Pray that these Christian professionals will be met by the Lord and developed into transformative Christian leaders! Please watch this 4-minute clip and be reminded why Leaders Matter and how together we can right the wrongs of our city and our nation that grieve God’s heart. Apart from our corporate repentance, God could turn His disposition from enduring lovingkindness to chastisement or, God-forbid, the judgment that we now deserve. As we look at Biblical examples of God’s just judgment on cities or nations, we cannot falsely presume that we are somehow exempt or less depraved. But, “If you turn at my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit to you; I will make my words known to you.” Proverbs 1:23

Abba Daddy, my brothers and sisters and I approach your throne with humility and repentance. Teach us the folly of our ways that we can be spared as a city and as a nation that you birthed with destiny. Call us together, with You, into a holy communion, and in your mercy may we fall under the unmerited outpouring of your Spirit upon us. We need you, for You are our Savior.

Karen Hetzler
Assistant Ministry Director
Christian Union New York
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