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Dear Christian Union New York Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

Do you believe that God can do another great work in NYC? Please enjoy this newly written article about the true story of an amazing revival in NYC. One of history’s greatest spiritual revivals began in 1857 in downtown Manhattan, with just one solitary, faithful businessman. It grew rapidly and spread around the world with tremendous and lasting impact. You can read this inspiring new telling of the Businessmen’s Revival on Christian Union’s Day and Night website, https://www.dayandnight.org/businessmens_revival.
Will we see another revival of its kind? Will we be a part of a mighty move of God ourselves? Will you be the one who starts the fire? Please enjoy this amazing true story and let me know your thoughts in response. I always love hearing from you.

Let’s pray that we will again see the mercy of God in this city, and, like in the Businessmen’s Revival, millions will come to faith and have a transformative and healing encounter with Jesus.

Oh Lord, we are hungry for more. There must be more than what we are living day in and day out right now. We long to encounter the Living God as You truly are, and watch You do things we could never think or imagine. May we and our beloved, yet deeply broken city, be transformed in beautiful ways we could never expect. We are hungry for more of You. We can never be satisfied with less than all You want to pour out on us! Teach us how to hunt for You as did the faithful Jeremiah Lanphier.

Karen Hetzler
Assistant Ministry Director
Christian Union New York
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