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Dear Christian Union New York Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

How can you best pray for Christian Union NY this month? Pray with us!

As we intercede for New York, and because you are a committed follower of Jesus, I want to let you know of a group that has formed to seek the Lord passionately for the welfare of NYC and for this nation to cry out to God, repent together, and return to the Lord. This inner core group is the Christian Union New York Cornerstone Partners.
Christian Union is gathering all of our Cornerstone Partners from other CU ministries for a Cornerstone Partner Prayer Event: Repent America coming up Monday, June 7, 2021, 8:30-9:30 pm ET. We will hear a timely message on national repentance from our Founder and CEO, Matt Bennett, then split into break-out rooms to intercede together! Our CU New York Cornerstone Partners (whether you live in NY or not) will all be in a virtual room together to respond to God in prayer with fire in our bones. We will cry out to God together this month specifically for NYC as well as for our land. We would love for you to join us, and we thank you for your faithful prayers in the past.

By design, the vast majority of our events, retreats, hundreds of one-on-one ministry meetings, and resources are available to thousands of you free of charge. Praise God! Yet, our faithful CU NY Cornerstone Partners serve as the “cornerstone,” the financial foundation of the ministry by building the work of God. They have a vested interest in God’s work in NYC and receive a few special invitations as we express our deep gratitude and gather our community together. Now is a great time to jump into this partnership, to pray with us, and fuel the flames for revival!

As you fill out the following secure form, your partnership will become effective immediately, https://www.christianunion.org/cornerstone/newyork. I’ll follow up right away with an invitation to the evening of prayer for CP’s. Cornerstone Partners commit to giving at least $25 annually, although many want to address the need for revival in an ongoing way by signing up as a monthly partner.

How desperately we need a fresh work of God. May the NY room be bursting at the seams for this nationwide prayer event; I assure you that your fire will be lit!

Karen Hetzler
Assistant Ministry Director
Christian Union New York
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