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As fall is around the corner, Christian Union New York remembers the biblical concept of the harvest season. In our modern American context, a literal season of harvest is of little significance to many of us. Yet all throughout Scripture, the Lord speaks to His people regarding the seasons of harvest, both literally and figuratively.  Jesus frequently refers to the harvest of souls through His parables. In Matthew 9:37-38,  Jesus tells his disciples: “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

In this wisdom, we come to you to ask for your prayers and support, to wrap around Christian Union New York as laborers of the harvest! On the cusp of fall, Christian Union New York is already seeing a plentiful harvest with abundant fruits from the ministry. In this past month, Christian Union NY has formed a CU Alumni Leadership team for the class of 2022 CU alumni who are planning gatherings and ministry opportunities for the 21 alumni of the CU class of 2022 in the city.  Many of these alumni met for the first time at a meet and greet dinner in August and are excited for more opportunities to come. 


In just one month, these alumni, along with many other Christian professionals across the city will be joining together for CU Fire Retreat on October 14-15. So far, a total of 16  hosts within NYC ( of all ages and stages in their careers), are planning to lead a small group through the retreat! 

Many past participants have shared testimonies that this retreat was the strongest spiritual experience of their lives, which has been no shock or accident as CU seeks to organize an average of three hours of intercession per attendee before they ever walk through the door.

Would you please pray for our 2022 alumni in NYC and the upcoming CU Fire Retreat?  

  • 21 Alumni: Pray that the Lord would hold these young professionals firmly in His hands, that they may move forward in faith and hope in the Lord’s good and abundant plan for their lives in this new season. May they not be shaken by any pressures or difficulties in their new careers, but stand firm on the Lord as their foundation. 
  • Alumni Leadership Team: Pray that these leaders would be filled with wisdom and strength as they plan creative opportunities for fellowship and discipleship of their fellow alumni. May God pour out His love afresh on their hearts as they prepare to befriend many alumni and other Christian professionals in NYC. 
  • 16 CU Fire Retreat Hosts in NYC: Praise God for the sixteen hosts who have committed to lead a small group through the CU Fire Retreat! May God grant them success in inviting friends and family to join them in the retreat, so that many would have the opportunity to seek God wholeheartedly for a full 1.5 days!  
  • CU Fire Retreat:  May the Lord bring about amazing testimonies from CU Fire Retreats that strengthen God’s people, glorify His faithfulness, and confirm His promises, so that the name of Jesus may be exalted among NYC! Pray that the Lord would bring abundant and lasting fruit in the lives of each NYC host and participant! 

Thank you for your continuous prayers and support. Your prayers are an important factor in the labor and the harvest of CU New York! 

Karen Hetzler

Associate Director 

Christian Union New York