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Earlier this week I was watching an interview with a Federal Reserve official on managing the US economy. In the course of the interview he made two interesting statements:

We have to be data-dependent”, and
I don’t see any clear signal from the market…

Apart from the second statement seeming to mock the first, both statements reinforce the idea that a world consisting of humans filled with longings, hopes, fears, giddiness (at times), and relational dysfunctions is naturally best understood and motivated by data – that somehow data is unbiased and wise. In light of history I think it’s a weak argument, but one that nonetheless shapes the vocational worlds we all live in.

Adam Smith (The Wealth of Nations) knew that capitalism only works well if it rests on a foundation of social and government moral codes. Similarly, our vocations too require a moral foundation – of what “ought” to be. As Christians, this becomes a core part of our calling – how do we understand and engage our work, much less broader culture, through the lens of faith…how finance or media or technology or the arts, etc ought to be.

This serves as the core of what Christian Union New York (and Washington DC) is engaged in and guides the events we host. Earlier this month, we hosted a breakfast discussion on James Davison Hunter’s book, To Change the World. Eight years after its publication and call to find a new paradigm of the church engaging culture, where are we? Are we succeeding in building the networks and institutions necessary for shaping culture?

Additionally, we held our latest salon on November 13th with Justin Earley speaking on Habits of Purpose in An Age of Distraction – how we develop spiritual work habits in order to bring order and purpose back to the workplace. A recap can be found here. Our next salon will be on December 4th addressing the topic of The Fall of the Household. You can find more information and registration here.

Thank you for your ongoing participation in this with us. Your involvement at many levels moves us forward in the redemptive engagement of this city – and it shows. At this time of year in particular, I should mention that we do depend on the generosity of many supporters to make this ministry possible. The resources provided by many of you make it possible to run Bible courses and mentoring for young professionals; to hold salons and forums to engage on significant issues for the church; to engage in creative Gospel outreach. Would you prayerfully consider making a special gift by December 31st to support these efforts to pursue what ought to be true of us as a world and people made in God’s image?



Scott Crosby
Ministry Director
Christian Union New York
Christian Union DC

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